Waterproof IP68 through bore 60mm conductive joint

Author:coco|Source:偲诺电子(CENO) | Release time:2019-05-10

Waterproof IP68 through bore 60mm conductive joint

ECN060-02P-01S,This is one through bore waterproof conductive joint, its protection grade reach to IP68,could be work in bad environment where need anti salty, water, rust-proof. It designed for fountains, it could transmit current and signal to instruct water and music performance. According equipment  requirement, this through bore has 2 circuits with 20Amp current and 1 road of RS422 signal. Its inner diameter is 60mm and housing material is stainless steel. 

The parameter of this kind of waterproof conductive joint could be optional according to equipment requirement. Such as current size, circuit number, signal type, bore diameter,etc,.