How to select Fiber optic cable for Fiber optic joint

Author:coco|Source:偲诺电子(CENO) | Release time:2019-05-14

Optical fiber as a signal transmission is the most stable, and the signal is not disturbed.Our client care very much is that How to choose the most effective fiber optic cable in fiber optic joint? CENO present below suggestions for you.
Fiber optic cable for Fiber optic joint

1.According to application industry to choose.Because of the different applications, the fiber can be customized, to choose capable one for transmission work, as well can save costs.

2."mode" type.The modes of a fiber optic cable describe how a light beam propagates within the cable.The applicability of single mode or multi-mode can be customized according to the requirements of the application.The selectivity of single mode is limited to a certain extent.For example, speed, bandwidth, and distance have different functions, and the correct type of usage depends largely on the hardware used with them and any other optical fiber to which the patch wire will be connected.

3.Type of jacket.Depending on the application, it does not have a metal, so it will not generate stray current, so the optical fiber could be called non-conductive with different chose.Any selection must confirm installation requirements with the local fire code department.

4.Fiber type for simplex and duplex.Simplex and duplex are only one or two types of fiber difference;There is one connector at each end of the cable, or two connectors at each end.That's it.Dual wiring is the most common type, because the way most fiber-optic electronic devices work is that two optical fibers are needed to communicate.One is for transmitting data signals and the other is for receiving data signals.

5.Connector.For the optical fiber terminal board, there are square and round, can be selected according to demand.