Signal joint used in lithium devices

Author:coco|Source: | Release time:2019-05-18

ECN000-12P2-18S, a signal joint for transmitting encoder signals used in lithium devices.According to the requirements of the equipment customized 12 circuits of 10Amp power supply, 18 roads of signal.The internal design of current and signal of the joint meets the EMC requirements.It has the characteristic with stable transmission signal, no packet loss, no string code, and small loss.

This joint according to customer demand, the rotor and stator line customization is 500 mm, working temperature - 20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃ condition, the speed of 0 ~ 300 RPM.This kind of joint can also be integrated with different types of signals according to different applications. It can be applied to other machine equipment that need to encode signals, such as automation equipment and military equipment. The working temperature and working speed can be adjusted and designed according to the operating environment.