Capsule slip ring for security monitor CCTV

Author:coco|Source:偲诺电子(CENO) | Release time:2018-12-19

Security monitoring slip ring has many advantage characteristics,including small current, low torque, low electrical noise, low loss, maintenance free and so on.CENO ACN & BCN series capsule slip ring is mainly used for security monitoring applications, in which ACN series outer diameter 22mm,25mm;Outer diameter of BCN series 12.4mm,15.5mm.Capsule slip ring as high-speed ball movement(security camera) an important key components, CENO specifically developed digital signal specifications on capsule slip ring to meet security camera with the high speed serial digital signal or analog signal transmission . Capsule slip ring can transmit Ethernet, HDMI, hd-sdi signal, to ensure that under 360 ° uninterrupted high-speed rotation, the complete monitoring and control system for data transmission, and ensure the integrity of the data, the accuracy and the rapidity of transmission.

Capsule slip ring
CENO ACN and BCN series capsule slip ring, include 1 channel or multichannel RF signal channels and multichannel conventional signal channels.The RF signal adopts 50 Ω / 75 Ω characteristic impedance of coaxial structure, used to transmit 720 p and 1080 p video signal, transmission rate is as high as 5 GBPS / 5 GHZ or higher, can match MMCX, SMA, BNC, SMB, MCX connectors.The size of the capsule slip ring can be customized.

Low torque, low noise, high performance
Compact structure, beautiful appearance, smooth and reliable operation
Rotate 360 ° unlimited fluid, fully meet the current, signal and data transmission.