Capsule slip ring use in agriculture fertilizer sprayer UAV

Author:coco|Source:偲诺电子(CENO) | Release time:2018-12-21

Capsule slip ring

CENO is slip ring manufacturer for all types of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) products.In the rapid development of the industrial age, a large number of UAV applications in various fields.For example: agricultural UAV, photographic UAV, military UAV, security UAV, common UAV remote control toys and so on.CENO slip ring get various design concept from UAV application area customers requirement.CENO continually do designs innovation on slip ring structure and function according to customer requirements. The engineer team considers slip ring working speed,clarity,service life, size, and material on design the slip ring concept base on slip ring in different application fields.CENO slip ring will do completely its most perfect mission.

BCN12-18 is one of CENO capsule slipring for fertilizer sprayer UAV.This slip design taking into account the corrosion of pesticides, and the weather for producing fruit trees or crop bases, the slip ring adopts the anti-corrosion material and the high and low temperature slip ring technical performance to make slip ring getting well performance for fertilizer sprayer UAV.