Small size slip ring for underwater robot

Author:coco|Source:偲诺电子(CENO) | Release time:2018-12-21

CENO small size slip-ring is widely used in various environmental protection equipment for water management and water environment protection, such as underwater robot. Then CENO small size slip ring which has made a great contribution for environment protection.

Small size slip ring
The underwater robot can be used to drop at different designated positions for data collection and measurement.Small size slip-ring shape size is small, occupying small precision instrument installation.CENO BCN series small size slip ring has flanges for all easy installation in underwater robot.In addition, normal slip ring operation is not affected by the weather, so as to ensure the smooth detection of underwater robots and timely feedback of underwater detection information.

Part of CENO BCN series slipring as below are currently customized by our clients for all types of underwater robots.The connection between the underwater robot equipment and the slipring ,and the number of slip-ring channel are customized by the client requirement.The design of slip ring size requirements and slip ring channel number, are according to the applicability of customer equipment working method.