Integrated slip ring with fiber optic, RF and power for medical endoscopy

Author:coco|Source:偲诺电子(CENO) | Release time:2018-12-26

CENO Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. As a slip ring manufacturer, keep innovates slip-ring technology and communicates with customers in different industries on perfect performance of slip ring function.The following is a customized slip ring integrated medical device that integrates optical fiber, RF and power.Fiber optic joint adapter has the characteristics of high speed, long life, no electromagnetic interference, small size and light weight, which greatly reduces the volume and weight of the integrated slip ring in the integrated design with the electric slip ring.
Integrated slip ring

Optical fiber, RF, power integrated slip ring.CENO customized slip ring for medical endoscopy for measurement of sensor measurement for medical devices. This slip ring can accurately transmit endoscopic test data.CENO engineers have been collecting numerous technical interviews with our clients,who have learned that CENO integrated sliprings are not only useful for connecting applications, but also for accurately transmitting data signals.