Rotary connector works for logging wich

Author:coco|Source:偲诺电子(CENO) | Release time:2018-12-28

BHCN-C-260-08P rotary connector with 260mm inner hole diameter belongs to CENO large size slip ring series.This large size rotary connector is customized according to the logging winch equipment (Logging cable trucks). It is copper graphite material inside Logging winch rotary joint, so it is also called carbon brush slip ring. Its design working voltage is 1000AVC and insulation voltage is 500MΩ @ 500 VDC.This kind rotary joint of logging winch is used for oil logging winch cable to realize the transmission of power or data between computerized logging device and winch cable.When the rotary joint of the large size logging winch works, the front connector is firmly connected with the drum shaft of the logging winch by bolts, so that the central shaft of the collector ring and the drum rotate synchronously.Ensure well logging equipment in oil exploration or geological exploration work smoothly.
Logging winch slip ring

The rotary connector of logging winch is of great significance to petroleum exploration and development. The application of measuring instrument and logging technology to mine detection can effectively collect various physical information in underground environment, such as force, heat and core.These data information are analyzed to effectively explain the thickness and location of oil and gas reservoirs within the scope of the oilfield, and some performance parameters related to exploitation can be determined.