Coupling Joint Customized Notes For Different Industry

Author:coco|Source:偲诺电子(CENO) | Release time:2019-01-02

CENO is a professional slip ring manufacturer. CENO provides our customers with a wide range of non-standard coupling joint, which also be called as large current slip rings, carbon brush slip ring in many specific industries.Such as port machinery, platform crane, propeller, drilling platform, oil equipment and so on. CENO  provides different of conceptual schedule on coupling joint according to the requirement from customer’s equipment working environment and installation.

Firstly, CENO will provides the most appropriate coupling joint (large current slip ring) according to the requirements of current size and slip ring size, to ensure safe current carrying and current transmission reliability. According to the size of the voltage, refer to the CENO's relevant design standards, make the creepage distance and electrical clearance parameters in line with the requirements of the electrical manual.

Secondly, CENO’s coupling joint (large current slip ring) is often required to integrate other signal loop or gas-liquid loop, separated  design to meet EMC requirements, ensure reliable signal transmission.
large current slip ring

Finally, CENO attach importance of raw material selection and slip ring maintenance methods on coupling joint(carbon brush slip ring).Different materials and surface treatment processes will be used according to different working environments, such as salt spray, corrosion resistance, waterproof and other special requirements.At the same time, CENO will design the most reasonable installation and maintenance window according to the on-site installation and debugging environment to facilitate regular maintenance in the later stage.