Problems caused by too high speed of collector ring

Author:coco|Source:偲诺电子(CENO) | Release time:2019-01-04

Collecting ring is also called conducting ring, collecting ring,rotary joint , and so on. Which simplify the system structure and avoids twisting the wire during the relative rotation of the system.We should pay attention about two problems caused by the high speed of collector ring when it working.One is the stability of mechanical structure;Another is the contact reliability of transmission contact points.
Collecting ring

In general, the speed of the collector ring is dozens to hundreds of revolutions per minute, but the speed of the collector ring is up to thousands or even tens of thousands of revolutions per minute in many special applications. In this case, the size of the collector ring will be made as small as possible according to the situation, so as to reduce the weight of the collector ring itself. Meanwhile, to improve the accuracy of each part of collector ring for providing the rotation concentricity of the collector ring, to ensure the rotation stability of the collector ring at high speed, rings in collector ring should also be made as small as possible to reduce the rotating linear speed of the ring.The surface needs to do special processing, to ensure the smoothness and wear resistance, brush wire also need to use special alloy materials, to ensure the reliability of contact.

All in all, the collector ring with high speed is a complex system rotating, which needs to take into account a series of problems such as the overall strength, vibration, wear, heat and so on. Therefore, scientific design and technology are required to ensure the overall stability.