Pneumatic/Hydraulic Rotary Union

The gas-liquid rotary joint is used specially transmiting gas and liquid media, mainly including compressed air, hydrogen, nitrogen, water, oil, coolant and so on.Rotary joints adopt different sealing methods according to different transmission media, mainly including gap sealing, mechanical sealing and sealing of sealing parts. Each type of sealing for rotating joint has its own advantages and limitations.CENO will recomend the relative rotat joint for you base on transferm medium .The connector size in joint is optional, the number of channels could be designed single channel to dozens of channels,and the size, installation could be customized according to working envirenment. It gets stable performance with long lifespan. 


  • Different sealing type
  • Well performance , long lifespan
  • Rotating speed up to 800rpm,without maintenance
  • Customize size and installation



  • Cirtuit channel
  • Presure size, connector specification
  • Size
  • Installation
  • Transfer medium type



  • Automatic equipment
  • chemical pharmacy
  • machinery manufacturing
  • food processing
  • iron and steel metallurgy
  • plastic fiber manufacturing