Encoders are devices which compile and convert signals or data that could be used for communication,transmission and storage. According to working principles, encoders can be divided into incremental encoder and absolute encoder . It always use in measure angle and rotaitng speed in practice application. CENO according to the special application, developed this kind of integrated slip ring.Meanwhile its current channel and signal channel could be customized according equipment requirements and the encoder specification could be selected according to the system requirements.The structure design is scientific for easy maintenance and convenient debugging.CENO encode with well performance, is widely used in the engineering machinery and the ship crane.


  • Integrate different type of current and signal
  • Compact size
  • Easy installation


  • Circuit channel number
  • Protection grade
  • Installation way
  • Signal type and encoder specification


Engineering Machinery, Ship crane


ID Circuit Current Voltage Rate Speed Protection Grade  Data Sheet
ECN000-04P2-12S 0 16 4* 10A,
12*encoder signal
380VAC 0~40rpm IP54 PDF
BHCN-C-07P-37S 0 7 3*600A,1*PE,3*60A 500VAC 0~15rpm IP54 PDF