Signal big size through hole slip ring used in Petrol item classification

Author:coco | Release time:2019-03-01

The requirements of the petrol depot(storage) are very strict, not only the petrol item classification control requirements in the depot, but also the strict safety requirements of the component that used in it. Includes CENO large size slip ring that used in petrol item classification equipment.

This one anti-explosion slip ring which used in petrol item classification equipment.It  protection grade is IP65, Anti-explosion grade is Exd II BT Gb IP65. It can work in environment temperature of - 40 ℃ ~ +80 ℃,rotating speed at 0 ~ 50 RPM.Its inner diameter is 180mm, designed with 4 signals. It solves the problem of petrol classification identification equipment in 360 degrees unlimited rotation without winding to transmits the signal and power at the same time.To ensures the petrol classification equipment service life and operation stability.