Kilowatt wind turbine slip ring and rotary joint

Author:CENO Electronics | Release time:2019-10-31

The wind turbine rotates 360 degrees following the wind direction, in order to smoothly and efficiently store and transport the electric energy converted by the generator. There is a need for a device that can rotate 360 degrees. This device is a slip ring, also called a rotary joint. Professional slip ring manufacturer has two series of products for wind turbines, which are through-hole slip ring and high-current carbon brush collector ring. Because this series slip ring is lower in cost, longer in life, and more stable in performance.
According to the output of the wind turbine capacity, the wind power slip ring has: a hundred-watt wind power slip ring, a kilowatt wind power slip ring.
Wind power slip rings have the following characteristics:
Good resistance to low temperature, high humidity, sand, corrosion, shock and vibration
Imported materials, advanced production equipment and detection systems for various performances of wind turbine slip rings
Stable performance without maintenance, service life up to 20 years or hundreds of millions of revolutions
Customizable, cable length, connection method, encoder type, low voltage + data transmission, high voltage current, etc.