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3000A high current rotating conductive slip ring

Time: 06, 07 2021 Views: 143

The slip ring is an electrical connector that can transmit signals and power when rotating. During the rotation, the cables used to transmit signals and power will not be twisted and damaged. The main components of the slip ring are the electric slip ring and the electric brush. The relative rotating sliding contact between the electric slip ring and the electric brush is used to complete the signal and power transmission. The structure of the electric rotating slip ring varies greatly according to the different occasions it is used and the magnitude of the current to be transmitted. So how much current can be called a large current slip ring?

        Electric current refers to the directional movement of electric charge. The electromotive force of the power source forms a voltage, and then an electric field force is generated. Under the action of the electric field force, the charge in the electric field moves in a directional direction, forming an electric current. The magnitude of the current is called the current intensity. Generally speaking, in industrial automation equipment, small equipment is generally a few amperes, and slightly larger equipment is tens of amperes. For some large-scale and high-power equipment, the current may reach hundreds to thousands. Ampere, such a large current has higher requirements for the slip ring. Without a certain technical strength, it is impossible to make a long-running product. Generally, it will burn out after a short period of operation!

        If the slip ring transmits a large current, both the electric slip ring and the brush should have a certain current-carrying capacity, so there needs to be a certain contact width between the two, because each electric slip ring and each brush in the connector The contact surface is an integral and wider contact surface. To ensure that the two are in overall contact in the width direction, not only are they required to achieve high shape accuracy during processing, but also the position accuracy of the brush during assembly The requirements are also high, and the processing and assembly are more difficult, which will inevitably affect the cost and efficiency. At the same time, the brush must be pressed against the surface of the electric slip ring with greater pressure. Even so, the brush and the electric slip ring are in the width direction. It is also impossible to reliably contact the connector as a whole, and there must be local poor contact or no contact, so it will inevitably cause a large amount of heat to be generated during work, thereby affecting the transmission performance and use performance of the connector. We know that current has three major effects:

1. Thermal effect

The conductor generates heat when it is energized. This phenomenon is called the current heating effect. For example, the more familiar Joule's law is the law that quantitatively states that conduction current converts electrical energy into thermal energy.

2. Magnetic effect

Magnetic effect of electric current: Oersted discovered that any wire with electric current can generate a magnetic field around it, which is called the magnetic effect of electric current.

3. Chemical effects

The chemical effect of electricity is mainly the participation of charged particles (electrons or ions) in the current to cause chemical changes in matter. The electrolysis of water or electroplating in chemistry is the chemical effect of electric current.

        If these three effects are not solved well, they will also affect the overall performance of the slip ring, thereby greatly reducing the life of the slip ring. Quansheng provides a high-current electric rotating slip ring to solve the existing high-current electric rotating slip ring. The problem of large heat generation between the electric brush and the electric slip ring includes the slip ring shaft. The slip ring shaft is alternately sleeved with insulators and electric slip rings. The color edges of each electric slip ring and the slip ring shaft are matched. The circumferential periphery of the electric slip ring is respectively provided with corresponding brush devices. The brush devices include a bus plate and a brush group. The brush group consists of brush units arranged on the bus plate at intervals along the axis of the electric slip ring. Each brush unit is conductively connected to the bus plate, and the working end of each brush unit is elastically pressed against the surface of the electric slip ring corresponding to the brush device to form a rotary sliding contact with it. After a series of technical transformations and optimizations, the slip ring can withstand a current of up to 3000A and can maintain a longer service life, which is much better than the technical level of its peers!