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CENO Integrate Slip Ring with Profi-net or Ethernet Signal

Time: 19, 12 2023 Views: 1

At CENO, most of the customized Ethernet slip rings are designed for high-rate data and error-free transmission protocols, to meet the transmission needs of various network signals, HDMI signals, differential signals, Profi-net signals. It has obvious advantage such as, data transmit stably, no packet loss, no string, small return loss and insertion loss, ultra-high signal-to noise ratio and ultra-low bit error rate.

For different working environment and applications, CENO Ethernet slip ring can be integrated kinds of signals and circuits, current and Voltage is optional. We always integrate electric power, control and data, optical fiber, pneumatic hydraulic transmission. CENO Ethernet slip ring also features exclusive patented fiber brush and coating technology, low noise, low contact pressure, and low contact wear, long service life and maintenance-free.

CENO Electrical can design and provide kinds of customized integrate slip rings. For more information please contact our CENO expert