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What is the principle of slip ring? What are the structure and function of conductive slip ring?

Time: 06, 07 2021 Views: 145

The working principle of the slip ring is an electronic component connected to a rotating body to transmit energy and signals. It is composed of rotating and stationary parts. The rotating part uses the rotating structure of the equipment and runs with it, called the rotor; the stationary part is connected The fixed structure of the device is called the stator.

The design structure of the stator and the rotor is a precise superposition of a single channel. The number of superimposed loops can be ordered according to the requirements of use. When assembling, the stator channel corresponds to the rotor channel, forming a channel between the rotor and the stator. The electrical performance of each channel is independent of each other, and there is no interference.

Due to the formation of the passage between the stator and the rotor, there must be contact between them. Their contact is the functional part of the entire conductive slip ring, which is the carrier of various properties. Therefore, a stable and reliable rotary connection system is formed (with material selection, reasonable design and precise production of parts), and the required signals can be transmitted through the rotation of the two ends of the slip ring.

The working principle of a slip ring is to maintain electrical contact between two circuits on two structures with relative motion, and a certain type of sliding contact can be used to connect the circuit.

Sliding "ring" means that the relative motion is rotational motion, so the simplest form of conductive slip ring is the ring contact on the rotating shaft, where the sliding fingers are connected to their respective parts through the bearings at both ends in the stator part and the annular rotor Two different circuits on the rotating and fixed parts.

In the simplest terms, the wires on both sides of the device are connected through the stator brush wire of the conductive slip ring and the copper ring of the rotor to form a complete circuit! The function of the slip ring is to prevent the part of the equipment that needs to be rotated 360 degrees from being wound around!

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