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CENO industrial robot slip ring

Time: 02, 01 2024 Views: 1

CENO design and produce kinds of slip rings in past nearly 20 years, and the industry slip ring accounts for nearly half of the yield. As we know that the slip ring plays a crucial role in the application of industrial robots, and the industrial robot slip ring is the key components within modern automatic equipment system. Majority of the industrial robots utilizing through hole series slip rings. Some industrial robots integrate some signals, RF, pneumatic or hydraulic modules on the basis of through hole slip rings. For the small industrial robots, primarily choose mini slip ring capsule. As one of the pioneer in slip ring manufacturing, CENO design and manufacture thousands of slip rings for kinds of special industrial robot every year, Including through hole series, Integrate series (Power / Signal + FORJs, Power / Signal + Pneumatic and hydraulic, Power / Signal + RF), and ultra-miniature series slip ring for the small industrial robots. In order to meet the specific usage, all of the industrial slip rings have features of long service life and high reliability.


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