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Installation Guide and Attentions for ECN Series Solid Slip Ring with Flange

Time: 03, 09 2022 Views: 195

Installation Guide and Attentions for ECN Series Solid Slip Ring with Flange


1. Before install the slip ring, comb the lead wire firstly, then insert the rotor protruding part of the slip ring together with the lead wire into the rotating shaft hole of the equipment, and level the two sides of the shaft with the shaft hole (clearance fit) to limit and drive rotation.   

2. The stator end of the slip ring is positioned through the aperture of the outer casing of the slip ring, and the inner side of the flange is attached to the fixing plane of the equipment, then the screw holes are aligned and fixed properly. Before tightening the screws, the rotating part of the equipment must be rotated to ensure that the center of the slip ring is concentric, and then tighten the screws.     

3. The stator end and rotor end of the slip ring can be interchanged according to actual needs.

4. The slip ring is a precision electrical component, If the working environment is harsh, should add protective measures, or select a customized slip ring with higher protection level.



1. The slip ring cannot be used to bear the weight of connected equipment, and the wire cannot bear external pulling force too.

2. During the installation, both ends of the slip ring should be set aside for the outlet line, and protect the wire from being scratched, separated from each wires to avoid the interference of the rotation process, to ensure the performance is not affected.

3. Both the rotor and the stator lead wire of the slip ring cannot be tightly connect, one end must be kept tight and the other end should be flexible, otherwise it will affect the service life of the slip ring.

4. All the screws must be protected from loosening due to vibration or impact, and can not be loosened due to vibration and impact during working.