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CENO Conductive Electrical Slip ring

Time: 06, 02 2023 Views: 293

Electric slip ring: Electric slip ring as the name suggests is used to conductive slip ring. It’s wildly used on various areas compare with other slip ring. The electric slip ring also called electric brush, carbon brush, collector ring, conductive slip ring, rotary joint, rotary union. Dedicated to unlimited continuous rotation, transmission power supply, signal power supply , The stator and rotor parts respectively lead wires to connect the power supply and terminal electrical equipment of the fixed structure and the rotating structure, and then rotate. According to its overall structure, it is divided into solid circular ring (dig a hole on the rotating body, install the sliding ring), empty circular ring (the sliding ring is installed on the rotating shaft), and separation of sliding ring, flat disc sliding ring, mercury sliding ring, special sliding ring and so on.