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Power Pneumatic Rotary Joint For Lithium Battery Equipment

Time: 02, 08 2021 Views: 255

Lithium battery equipment refers to various manufacturing equipment used in the production process of lithium batteries. The production process is strict and long.

More than 50 kinds of equipment are needed to complete the manufacturing processes, such as: pulping engineering, filming engineering, core making engineering, assembly engineering, inspection engineering, etc.


At the same time, the lithium battery equipment industry is divided into many sub-sectors and sub-equipment. Among them, slip rings has been widely used in a square semi-automatic winding machine.Large cylindrical automatic winding machine, as well as aluminum battery raw material mixer, these devices generally use 3-5 slip ring.

As a professional slip ring manufacturer, CENO Electronics has solved the problem of winding and signal transmission in the lithium battery industry during operation.

Many series slip rings have been used in  lithium battery equipment.There are hollow shaft slip ring series, Power/Signal +Pneumatic/Hydraulic Rotary Joint series and so on.