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CENO Slip Ring Important Use In Amusement Equipment

Time: 02, 08 2021 Views: 201

CENO Slip Ring Important Use In Amusement Equipment


From children to parents, everyone has a dream of an amusement park in a fairy tale.Why do people like to go to the amusement park? For adults, going to the playground can make the busy body and mind relax.For children, there are many equipments in the playground, carousels, ferris wheels, pirate ships, as well as swings and slides.The most important thing is that children can play together and exercise and challenge themselves while playing. All in all, in all kinds of playgrounds,we can find the happy smiles of parents and children.


With the amusement parks all over the world, with the promotion of technology, the slip ring is a kind of multi-channel parts that can transmit electricity, signals, gas, liquid, etc. in fixed equipment and rotating equipment.It is no longer limited to military industry, offshore. It has been widely used in amusement equipment, such as the use in carousels, ferris wheels, turntables, etc.


Typical application series are through-hole slip rings (hollow shaft slip rings) and Ethernet slip rings, which can mix and transmit USB, RS, CANBUS and other signals as well as high sealing waterproof features(IP68). It is believed that in the future, with the further development of  slip rings, the amusement facilities will be more colorful.