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CENO through hols slip ring working principle in the Ferris Wheel

Time: 12, 06 2023 Views: 1

Ferris wheel is a kind large round rotating machinery which we often find in the park, the movable tourist cabins are hanged on the edged of Ferris wheel. Colourful led lamps are assembled on the Ferris wheel and it’s bling bling very beautiful especial at night. Due to it’s large round shape, often regarded as a landmark building in one city. As a large rotation machinery, when it’s continuously rotation should be made sure there is no interference between the lamp current and control signal, at the moment the slip ring is necessary to equipped.

CENO Electronics is a leading designer and manufacture slip ring company in ShenZhen, we have over and 2000 customers and more than 5000 designs in the past nearly twenties years. Including series designs for the Large Amusement. For many information about how CENO’s slip ring can fit your specific applications, please contact our expert team.

Ferris wheel - 7x5