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What is pancake slip ring What are the functions of the pancake slip ring

Time: 04, 08 2021 Views: 291

What is pancake slip ring? What are the functions of the pancake slip ring?


The pancake slip ring is a special type of conductive slip ring, which is specially designed for rotary system with limited height direction.The rotor portion of the pancake slip ring carries the current and signals with a circle of concentric rings, and the brushes are distributed at the top of the concentric rings as the stator, or vice versa, the rings are separated from each other by an insulating substance.We can customize the multi-channel, arbitrary aperture of this type of slip ring.The contact surface is gold or silver, and the operation speed depends on the number of channels and the overall size of the parts.



CENO's pancake series slip rings are specifically designed for rotary joint systems with a certain height limitation in vertical direction;We can provide solid and multi- size through hole selection.Using advanced fiber brush technology, ensure very low friction, very low contact resistance, no friction debris.


The slip ring is the part connecting the rotating part of the equipment, and its main function is to prevent the winding and winding of the 360-degree rotating parts. It is widely used in security, automation, electric power, instrument, chemical industry, metallurgy, medical treatment, aviation, military, shipping, transportation and other mechanical and electrical equipment.CENO’s pancake slip rings can be customized with different parameters such as different axle diameter size, different specifications, current size, number of channels, rotation speed, protection level, etc.


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