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The fiber optic rotary joint apply to medical equipment - OCT

Time: 28, 10 2022 Views: 205

The fiber optic rotary joint from CENO company apply to the medical equipment, OTC ( Optical Coherence tomography).

OCT ( Optical Coherence tomography ), also called optical coherence tomography. Using the principle of weakly coherent light interferometer, the image of biological tissue structure can be obtained. It is of great significance for the diagnosis of fundus diseases. Such as cystoid macular edema, Senile macular degeneration, retinal detachment, epimacular membrane, glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, etc. In patients with interstitial opacities, this test cannot be performed during acute inflammation of the eye.

The Optical Coherence tomography is the imaging technology with the highest resolution at present, with a resolution of 10 microns. It is commonly known as optical biopsy and is the new "gold standard" for the diagnosis of coronary heart disease. OCT detection is to place an imaging catheter with an optical lens at the head end in the blood vessels and trachea, and through high-speed rotating scanning imaging, it can quickly help clinicians diagnose the structure and plaque properties in the blood vessels and trachea.

In the OCT optical coherence imaging system, since the optical probe needs to rotate at high speed in human organs (such as blood vessels, trachea, etc.), it is necessary to use a fiber optic slip ring to transmit the optical signal emitted from the optical probe to the optical system.