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The working principle of mercury slip ring and the difference from other liquid conductive metals

Time: 02, 07 2021 Views: 301

Generally speaking, metals, semiconductors, electrolyte solutions or molten electrolytes and some non-metals can conduct electricity, and the principle of conduction is mainly due to the directional movement of electrons and the movement of ions, so only liquid metal is possible, because there is free movement Electrons and so-called conduction are all relative. The resistivity is only small. Liquid metal has low resistance and good conduction effect. Among them, mercury is the best, gas resistance is large, and the conduction effect is not good. There should be nothing absolutely non-conducting.

       The conductive rotary joint that uses mercury as the fluid medium is called mercury slip ring. It is an industrial component. Compared with the traditional carbon brush slip ring, the biggest difference between mercury slip ring is that it mainly uses liquid mercury as the conductive medium. , Integrate the fixed end and the rotating end together. When rotating, there is no need to use a carbon brush for conductive transmission, but mercury is used directly for conductive transmission. Because the rotating part has no complicated physical mechanical structure, the product is more reliable and maintenance-free, no noise, no noise, high speed, low price, no signal distortion, small contact resistance, and greater current transmission.

       The advantages of mercury slip rings mainly include long life and wear resistance-the fatigue life of mercury slip rings is expected to be 10-50 times longer than that of electric slip rings. Mixed mercury slip rings have a service life that is 3-5 times longer than that of electric slip rings. ; High temperature resistance-mercury slip ring can work at temperatures above 60 degrees; high rigidity-because of the high elastic modulus of mercury material, its rigidity is 15-20% larger than ordinary steel slip ring; low torque-according to the structure, mercury slip The torque of the ring is reduced by about 1/3; the speed and acceleration ability are high-it can be operated under the condition of dn value exceeding 3 million, and the slippage, wear and heat can be reduced; abrasion resistance-because the mercury material is an inert material, Therefore, it is more resistant to corrosion and wear; very little lubrication is required-the friction coefficient of mercury material is low, and the oil-lubricated mercury slip ring is used. When the lubricating oil becomes thin or lean, its lubricating ability is still not lower than that of the steel slip ring Commonly used traditional lubricants. Mercury slip ring utilizes the excellent electrical conductivity of mercury and will not be worn out. It is widely used in some occasions, especially in electroplating equipment.

Product application areas:

1) Rotary silver-plated wire, horizontal copper-plated wire, manufacturing and processing control equipment.

2) Thermal coupler, resistance cutting machine, winding machine, semiconductor device.

3) In-pipe monitoring equipment, rotating cameras, rotating stage lights.

4) Packaging machinery, textile machinery, mixing machinery, laminating machinery.

5) Test and control equipment, hot rollers, rotary joints, LCD manufacturing equipment

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