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Waterproof slip ring with air plug

Time: 29, 09 2021 Views: 291

Waterproof slip ring is a kind of slip ring which is used the special environment of moisture,corrosion and underwater.According to working environment,the waterproof slipring could be divided into protection grade,such as IP65,IP67,IP68 and so on.ECN000-04P1-IP65 with waterproof IP65 designed the whole structure by aluminium or stainless steel material,the o ring sealed on stator side between the flange and cover.There have air plugs on both sides.CENO aso use speical silicon rubber seasl on rotor side,it’s very important to againt water leakage into inside of slip ring to get short or lower insulation.it’s can work under water 1000M.Typical application such as ROV,ship offshore equipment,oil drilling and food processing.




Circuits & Current:4*5A


Electrical noise:Max 30mΩ (50rpm)

Dielectric strength:≥1500V@50Hz

Insulation resistance:300MΩ@100VDC

Operating speed:0-100 rpm

Contact material:Precious metal

Housing material:Aluminium housing+stainless steel

IP protection grade:IP65

Through hole size:Solid bore

Working temperature:-20C°~ +70C°