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Cable Reel Rotary union Used For Radar Antenna

Time: 04, 08 2021 Views: 173

Cable reels have become a mainstream solution in the field of mobile transmission due to their small installation space, convenient maintenance, reliable use and low cost.


The cable reels is generally installed horizontally. The slip ring is installed inside the central axis of the cable reels.It can rotate 360 degrees to provide power, current, signals and other media and rotate smoothly.



Cable reels and electrical slip rings. For example, explosion-proof slip rings used in explosive environments, high-current slip rings for high-power current transmission,

and electro-hydraulic integrated products, etc. CENO Electronics has multiple options to product them.


As the slip ring is a very critical component in the cable reels,work in wet and high altitude is allowed, it makes cable reels widely used in radar antennas, which can form the electrical energy and signals between the radar rotating part and the fixed part, and maintain a continuous connection. This allows radar antennas to achieve positioning, communication, detection, and monitoring purposes.