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Slip Ring For Robots And Robots Arm Application

Time: 04, 08 2021 Views: 145

Slip Ring For Robots And Robots Arm Application


It's well known that robots and robots arm are the high-tech  products in modern society and  widely used in all walks of life. robots are biologically functioning real-world space-running tools that can replace human beings to finish dangerous or difficult labor, tasks and so on. I believe that when we see robots working, we will be very curious about the internal structure of robots and robots arms. So let's take a look at one of their important structures - the driving devices

The driving devices

It is a mechanism that drives the movement of the actuator, and the robot is operated by means of the power element in accordance with a command signal from the control system. It inputs the electrical signal, and the output is the wire and angular displacement. The driving devices used on the robot are mainly electric driving devices, such as stepping motors, servo motors and hydraulic and pneumatic driving devices are also used. Slip rings are needed on the driving devices, because the slip ring provides energy and signal transmission solutions for all complex motion equipment of robots and robots, not only improves mechanical performance, but also simplifies system operation.It can also prevent the wire from causing a sprain during rotation.


CENO Electronics can design different transmission schemes according to the different driving devices of the robot arm, and design different types of slip rings to meet the high-performance and stable transmission of current and signal.