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Fire Escalator slip ring with monitoring equipment

Time: 15, 01 2024 Views: 1

As we know that escalator is a moving staircase consisting of an endlessly circulating belt of steps driven by a motor, conveying people between the floors of a public building. A slip ring is a key and important component on the escalator, continuous rotating and transferring electric power, signals or data etc. While keep equipment to rotate stably without causing cable or pipe entanglement.

Based on the requirements of the fire escalator and the feature of the slip ring, slip ring can achieve the following functions during the operation of the fire escalator. Taking CENO recent case for example. The application of fire escalator requires electricity to supply lighting, cameras, surveillance equipment and other electric devices.   

First, Electric power and data transmission: Slip ring transfer power from the fixed part to the moving part of the escalator, allowing it continuous rotating freely without causing cable entanglement.  

Second, Signal transmission: When the escalator installed with the cameras,gas detection instruments, temperature sensors and other equipment, the slip ring can transmit the signals that collected by these devices from monitoring and control.  

Third: Rotating performance: The escalator arms need to be able to rotate freely to reach right position on the fire scene. CENO high quality slip ring ensure that all of the electric power, signals and data can be continuously transmitted during rotation without any interference.

Fourth: Saving space: It’s well known that escalator is very large, and the purpose of CENO product design is to keep the structure simple and save space while ensuring excellent product performance 

CENO have designed and manufactured thousands of slip rings for kinds of industry equipment or machinery. For more information about how CENO slip ring can fit your specific application, please contact CENO expert.