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CENO Slip ring in surveilance camera

Time: 04, 08 2021 Views: 178

Surveillance field using slip ring to transmit video,even high definition video.It requires HD-SDI or HDMI slip ring to match its high level video quality.Slip ring is the core part in the video transmission system due to it controls the video quality and surveillance range and 360 degree rotation character decided the surceillance range.


Typical solution for this application is CENO's small size slip ring.It includes HDMI slip ring,regular signal slip ring,as well as Ethernet slip rings.The typical slip ring with OD size from 12.5mm to 25mm are popular to be applied on the surveillance camera.To transmit Ethernet ,USB,HDMI,RS signal is easy to be realized on this series slip rings.


Optional of surveillance slip ring

- Circuit number: 4~36

- OD : 5.5mm,12.4mm,22mm,25mm

- Signal type: RS, HD ,HDMI......

- Rotation speed: 10~120rpm