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Optical fiber slip ring in wind energy application

Time: 04, 08 2021 Views: 101

Over the past three decades, optical fiber has revolutionized the telecommunications industry. In terms of bandwidth, transmission rate, security, life, weight and cost, they have huge advantages over traditional copper wires.


Taking the wind energy sector as an example, the penetration depth of fiber optic technology in non-telemetry applications is summarized. With people's

never-satisfied demand for wind energy, wind turbine blades are getting bigger and bigger. To ensure the machine.For the safety of the crew and surrounding people or livestock, embedded sensors must be installed to transmit important features of the blades to the control unit. The intelligent fiber optic sensor is the ideal choice. In order to transmit the signal of the fast moving blade to the fixed control unit, the fiber optic slip ring starts to work. The equipment needs to be able to withstand relatively severe and even extreme climatic conditions.

Since the fiber slip ring occupies the center of a complex rotary joint consisting of a fiber slip ring, an electric slip ring and a hydraulic fluid  rotary joint, the fiber slip ring will drive the size of all other components.